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You can achieve the highest rank if you accomplish the mission playing as saboteur, without changing clothes, with minimal noise and a high level of professionalism. The latter feature will grow if you use close combat weapons – a slip-knot and/or a knife.
No. Using a tank can make a lot of noise and you will fail the operation.
No. Unfortunately the abilities of Russian agents are not unlimited.
Sniper rifle is not available in some missions. However, in several cases you will be able to find it during the mission.
All weapons have range of fire. If the sight is not red, when you pointing at the enemy, it means the target is out of range and the chance to hit it is very small.
Enable mini map with “M” button or “Tab”. Maximize it using “Tab” button. You can zoom it in or out with buttons “+” and “-“. Blue mark is your hero. Enemies spot you, if the hero crosses their vision sector. You are immediately detected in the color part of this sector, in the grey – later, if you do not hide.
You can only change into the uniform of a strangled, stunned or put to sleep enemy. If you killed an enemy with a knife or shot him, his uniform will be stained with blood and will be unusable.
You can struggle, stun or put to sleep the enemy, only if you get to him from behind. If the enemy detects you very quickly, try to move more silently – change the pose, switch to walk mode, and try to creep over (“V” button). On the easy difficulty level you can try another strategy: rush to the enemy from behind - he won’t be able to turn and retaliate.
Don’t hurry. You won’t succeed if you shoot all over. Act secretly and silently, like a real saboteur. Find a single standing patrol, strangle him and use his uniform. Then you’ll be able to walk through the level more easily. The places, where you can get an officer uniform are highlighted on the map. It is easier to accomplish most of the missions using such strategy.